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Cloud to Edge Datacenter Trends

IDC's Cloud to Edge Datacenter Trends research provides a broad view of the market forces and technologies impacting enterprise and service provider datacenter investments. Organizations need to more effectively support mobile, cloud, business integrated analytics, and the Internet of Things services. Supporting IT service in edge locations is challenging organizations to develop strategies to manage data and infrastructure more effectively. While IT managers are sourcing and deploying IT infrastructure in new ways to support digital transformation initiatives, datacenter managers are increasingly concerned with physical and data security, improving connectivity, datacenter life-cycle management, and staffing. IDC examines the shifting demands on datacenter resources and forecasts the number of datacenters and deployment of IT assets in enterprise, service provider, and hyperscale datacenters based on IDC's datacenter taxonomy.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Worldwide and U.S. datacenter build and remodel forecasts
  • Datacenter infrastructure and hardware designs
  • Power and cooling initiatives for the datacenter
  • Alternative energy sources for the datacenter
  • Datacenter optimization and software-defined datacenters
  • Business alignment of U.S. datacenters with key business objectives
  • Business macro trends that are shaping datacenter design to ensure a viable and agile IT organization
  • Smarter datacenter technology adoption trends
  • Deploying and managing edge resources
  • Cloud computing’s impact on the physical datacenter
  • Impact of high-performance computing and new AI workloads on datacenter resources
  • IT staffing and datacenter real estate/location/regionalization
  • Modular, containerized, and micro datacenters
  • Datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM)

Core Research

  • Datacenter Construction and Rebuild Trends
  • Worldwide Datacenter FutureScape
  • Worldwide Smarter Datacenter MaturityScape
  • Impact of Integrated Systems and Hyperscale on Datacenters
  • Worldwide and U.S. Datacenter Deployment Model and Spend Forecast
  • Modular Datacenters, Container Datacenters, and Micro Datacenters
  • Use of Service Provider Datacenter Assets
  • Smarter Datacenter Technology Adoption
  • Datacenter Infrastructure Management Solution Adoption Trends

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. How are business and IT changes reshaping datacenter managers' investment and operations strategies?
  2. How many datacenters are there worldwide and in the United States?
  3. How will HPC, converged infrastructure, and software-defined IT impact the datacenter?
  4. How are smarter datacenter technologies impacting operational efficiency and sustainability?
  5. What role will containers, prefab, and modular play in supporting cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things services?

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Meet the Experts
Jennifer Cooke

Research Director, Cloud to Edge Datacenter Trends

Michelle Bailey

GVP/GM and Research Fellow Datacenter and Cloud

Richard L. Villars

Research Vice President, Datacenter & Cloud