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Australia Software: Compete

IDC's Australia Software: Compete research combines software product–related research with coverage of the broader market opportunities and ecosystem dynamics of the market for software in Australia. The research reflects the market for software in Australia against the worldwide and Asia/Pacific market views. The research identifies strategies for revenue growth, positions competing vendors in the marketplace, and outlines key trends and focus areas for IT decision makers and the end-user community.

In addition, the program provides an understanding of the transition from traditional on-premise deployments to public cloud services by segmenting total software revenue by these deployment types — by vendor, country, and market segment. With the rapid transition from 2nd Platform to 3rd Platform technologies, it is critical for software vendors, public cloud services providers, supply chain partners, and the investment community to understand this transition and how it differs by market segment and geography. The tracker answers the question: Who is winning the cloud battle?

Technology Coverage

This program provides total market size and vendor shares for 19 software markets (80 functional software markets). Measurement for this tracker is total software revenue, which includes license, maintenance, and subscription revenue (including public cloud services). The following section lists secondary software markets that group the 80 functional software markets reported.

Core Coverage:

  • Application development software
  • Application platforms
  • Collaborative applications
  • Content applications
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) applications
  • Data access, analysis, and delivery
  • Endpoint management
  • Engineering applications
  • Enterprise resource management (ERM) applications
  • Integration and orchestration middleware
  • Network software
  • Operations and manufacturing applications
  • Quality and life-cycle tools
  • Security software
  • Data management and storage infrastructure software
  • Structured data management software
  • Supply chain management (SCM) applications
  • System and service management software
  • Physical and virtual computing software

Geographic Scope

  • Australia

Data Deliverables

This tracker is delivered on a semiannual basis with tools such as pivot tables and web-based query. For a complete delivery schedule, please contact an IDC sales representative. Deliverables for this tracker are listed as follows:

  • Preliminary top 5
  • Preliminary top 10
  • Historical data
  • Forecast data
  • Other

Forecast Coverage

Forecasts for this tracker are updated semiannually and include three years of historical data and five years of annual market projections. Forecasts are available for Australia. Examples of the forecasts included in this tracker are provided below.

Core Forecast Coverage:

  • All software-related categories (as listed previously)

Optional Deployment Type Segmentation:

  • On-premise/other software
  • Public cloud services
  • Channels
  • Verticals

IDC's Tracker Methodology

IDC's tracker data is developed using a rigorous methodology that includes well-planned and well-coordinated local, regional, and worldwide data cross-checks combined with a proprietary advanced data consolidation and analysis data platform managed by IDC's Worldwide Tracker organization. Data sources used in the process of determining IDC's tracker numbers include, but are not limited to:

  • In-country local vendor interviews
  • Distribution data feeds
  • Worldwide and regional vendor guidance
  • ODM data
  • In-country local channel partner discussions
  • Import records
  • Feedback from component suppliers
  • Vendor briefings and public financial reports

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