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ConsumerScape 360

IDC's ConsumerScape 360 program consists primarily of two large-scale, annual, global consumer surveys. The main survey captures data on traditional device ownership (e.g., NPS, replacement rates, brand, channel, and feature importance) for smartphones, tablets, PCs, detachables, gaming consoles, and TVs. It covers 30,000 respondents in 19 countries, fielding in the first quarter. IDC's Emerging Technology and Video Survey captures usage, intent, attitudes, and awareness of new connected device/service categories including AR/VR, voice assistants, connected/autonomous cars, wearables, home IoT, and drones. It covers 16,000 respondents in 7 countries, fielding in the fourth quarter.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Notebooks, desktops, convertibles, tablets, smartphones, and consoles/handhelds
  • Ownership, behavior, usage, attitudes, feature preferences, intent (brand, replacement, willingness to pay), satisfaction metrics, demographic and psychographic profiles, and more
  • Communication services (cable, satellite, internet access, TV/OTT/SVOD, and mobile phone service profiles)
  • Service provider metrics for ISPs, MNOs, and MVNOs
  • Multiscreen consumption of content and services
  • Usage models for all major device types including hours of use and location (e.g., home, work, school, and commuting)
  • Monthly service cost (mobile)
  • Paid service content across device adoption
  • Consumer purchase process for all major electronic device categories
  • Wearable technologies
  • Home automation
  • The multiscreen experience

Core Research

  • Smartphones — Usage Patterns, Brand Metrics, Purchase Criteria, and Installed Base Profile (e.g., by brand and length of time owned)
  • PCs — Same as Previous, Including Desktop, Notebook, All-In-One, and Convertible Form Factors
  • Time, Location, and Activity — Time Spent per Device, by Location, and by Activity Type (e.g., entertainment and communication)
  • The Future of Video
  • Mobile Payment Adoption
  • Trust in Digital Service Providers Versus Others (Physical and Government Entities) — Comparative Representation of Attitudes Toward Privacy and Data Sharing
  • Emerging Device and Service Categories — Adoption, Awareness, Intent, Usage for AR/VR, Wearables, and Voice Assistants
  • HDTV and 4K Devices and Services — Ownership and Active Install Base, Spend, and Future Purchase Trends
  • Location Services — Adoption and Awareness of Location Services with a Spotlight on Indoor Navigation
  • Connected Retail Experiences Including eCommerce and Physical Retail
  • A Total of 25–30 Documents Published Each Year

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. How can companies better serve and market to households by segment? Which segments are the highest priority, and what are their market sizes?
  2. What is the complete picture of the connected home, including traditional and new devices/services, time spent, awareness, intent, usage, paid services, and trends over time?
  3. How are my channels to market changing by demographic, by country, and by service type?
  4. How is consumers' trust in digital SPs influencing behaviors?
  5. What "greenfield" markets or segments exist for my offering?
  6. What is the composition of households according to ownership and/or usage of CEs, PCs, and mobile products and services?
  7. How is the face of the "early adopter" segment changing? How does this group differ across key markets?
  8. How do consumers use different connected devices, and how are usage trends evolving as new products such as media tablets enter the marketplace?

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Meet the Experts
Archana Ramachandra

Research Manager, ConsumerScape 360° and Consumer Primary Research