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Worldwide Semiconductor Applications Forecaster

IDC's Worldwide Semiconductor Applications Forecaster (SAF) is a competitive market model and tool for companies interested in the semiconductor market. For each update, clients of this product receive an easy-to-use, automated Excel pivot table that allows them to customize IDC's semiconductor market and competitive data according to their needs. The SAF has three components:

Markets Covered

Worldwide Semiconductor Market Share

Annual semiconductor revenue for 2015–2018 is segmented by:

  • Over 120 of the top semiconductor suppliers
  • 18 semiconductor device areas
  • 5 geographic regional segments
  • 6 industry segments (vertical markets)
  • Segmentation by fab versus fabless companies

Worldwide Semiconductor Market Forecast

Annual revenue forecast for 2019–2023 and annual revenue history for 2014–2018 are segmented by:

  • Over 65 device applications (end equipment)
  • 18 semiconductor device areas
  • 4 geographic regional segments
  • 7 industry segments (vertical segments)

Subjects Analyzed

  • Develop a complete and timely view of the semiconductor industry
  • Understand where competition in the semiconductor chip industry is fiercest by vertical segment and by product area
  • Understand market segmentation and forecasts
  • Understand market segment by IDMs or fabless companies


IDC's Worldwide Semiconductor Applications Forecaster subscribers receive quarterly updates to IDC's semiconductor rolling forecast, semiconductor market forecast data, and one annual update to historical vendor share information.

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. How will the semiconductor market grow?
  2. Who are the top semiconductor manufacturers by device type or industry?
  3. What device applications are growing or declining?
  4. Who are my main competitors in the semiconductor market and how are they growing?

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Meet the Experts
Michael J. Palma

Research Director, Enabling Technologies and Semiconductors

Nina Turner

Research Manager, Worldwide Semiconductor Applications Forecaster