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Worldwide and United States Datacenter Deployment Model

IDC's Worldwide and United States Datacenter Deployment Model is a semiannual pivot table–style data product that provides a datacenter (DC) consumption and spending model across a number of datacenter types and technologies. The product will cover worldwide and U.S. datacenter markets, with follow-on companion regional products.

Markets Covered

This product covers the following segments of the worldwide and U.S. datacenter markets:

  • Datacenter ownership: Service provider and enterprise
  • Datacenter size: Local/micro datacenters, midtier DC, high-end DC, and mega DC
  • Construction approach (modular versus bespoke)
  • Annualized spend: DC infrastructure, facilities, and staff
  • Average usable power capacity in new datacenter builds by type

Subjects Analyzed

Throughout the year, this product will address the following topics:

  • Changes in usable DC square footage
  • Changes in server and storage density
  • Changes in power requirements for new datacenter construction
  • Pace of shift from internal to service provider DCs
  • Growing importance of IT deployment in edge locations


Throughout the year, this product will offer insight into the latest trends impacting the market. Content is delivered via as a pivot table attachment. Coverage includes semiannual forecast data:

Forecast Report

March 2020/October 2020

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. Which datacenter types are growing the fastest?
  2. What impact are new use cases such as AI and edge IT having on enterprise and service provider datacenter capacity and IT density?
  3. What is the annualized spend on datacenters across infrastructure, facilities, and support?
  4. What impact are next-gen technologies such as flash, convergence, and SDX having on datacenters?
  5. What power requirements are needed in new construction?

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Group Vice President Worldwide Research