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Network Analytics and Visibility

Enterprises across the globe are increasingly interested in getting detailed levels of analytics and visibility into the state of their network operations, from the datacenter, to the enterprise campus, out to the edge of their networks. Meanwhile, the scale of data available to enterprises is expanding as the bandwidth traversing the network continues to grow. In response, powerful new analytics and visibility platforms have been built to help harness this data and make it meaningful for enterprises. Organizations are increasingly realizing the value of this data for a variety of use cases: to identify network or application performance degradations before they impact users; to monitor the environment for nefarious activity; to glean insights into users, applications, and devices on the network; and to increase levels of automated management of their network. The rapid rise of distributed apps being hosted on public cloud has created the need for this visibility to extend from the core to the cloud. Integrating machine learning algorithms into the analysis of the data is resulting in increasingly autonomous network operations, with the eventual road map leading to a self-driving network. This service will dive deep into this evolving domain, including sizing the markets that make up the network analytics and visibility market, forecasting growth, and exploring the ways enterprises are using this critically important technology.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • As organizations embrace digital transformation, they're realizing the importance of having an always-on network. To ensure network reliability, enterprises are turning to analytics and visibility platforms to glean detailed insights into network operations and performance.
  • A broad range of methods are used to collect networking data from myraid sources and modern new platforms have been built to analyze this data and make it consumable for enterprises.
  • There are a variety of vendors that make up this market, from established network performance management (NPM) and network packet broker (NPB) vendors, to enterprise networking vendors that are increasing their visibility and analytics capabilities.
  • With the increase in the amount of data available, vendors across this market have built powerful platforms that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze network data, recognize trends, identify anomolies, and provide automated resolution of issues.

Core Research

  • Network Performance Management Market Shares 2018
  • Network Performance Management Market Forecast 2018–2023
  • IDC MaturityScape: Network Performance Management (End-User Doc)
  • Market Perspective: The Foundational Role of Visibility to Enable Autonomous Networking
  • Evolving Role of Traditional NPM and NPB Platforms to Deliver Advanced Network Analytics

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What are the key trends driving network analytics and visibility that can help optimize enterprise user experience for applications residing both on-premises and in public clouds?
  2. What is the market size/forecast for network analytics and visibility within the broader network management market? Who are the major suppliers of these solutions?
  3. What are the security benefits of advanced network analytics and visibility tools?
  4. How is the broader ecosystem for network analytics evolving, and how can one differentiate among the various solutions in this competitive segment?
  5. How are the various segments of network management (e.g., NPM, NPB) evolving and where will future growth occur?
  6. How are network analytics and visibility platforms evolving to be managed from the cloud?

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