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Yu Xue

Research Manager

  • IDC Perspective: China Internet Companies Artificial Intelligence Strategies, 2019 Update

    Jul 2019 | IDC Perspective | Doc # CHE44708019

    By: Yu XueResearch Manager

    This IDC Perspective provides a review of major Chinese internet companies' views on AI and their corresponding strategies and actions. The study also provides a guidance for AI technology buyers based on IDC's assessment of the market and ...

  • IDC创新者:零售行业计算机视觉解决方案,2019

    Jun 2019 | IDC Innovators | Doc # CHC45116019

    By: Yanxia LuSenior Research ManagerYu XueResearch Manager, Yi He

    IDC 创新者是指年营业额低于$100M、有创新性技术或突破性商业模式的新兴厂商。本次 IDC 创新者研究对创新奇智科技有限公司、上海扩博智能技术有限公司、深圳码隆科技有限公司的零售行业计算机视觉解决方案进行了全面调研。“人工智能将在零售行业数字化转型之旅中发挥重要作用,恰当地连接供需两侧,在零售商层面创造新的价值,在消费者层面创造新体验。零售企业应该充分重视新兴科技的力量,充分评估技术的价值,以及与自身业务的结合点,从根本上驱动传统零售行业的变革。”——IDC中国互联网行业...

  • China Blockchain Market Forecast, 2018–2022

    Mar 2019 | Market Forecast | Doc # CHE44706919

    By: Yu XueResearch ManagerJonathan LeungSenior Market Analyst, Yumo Yao

    IDC defines blockchain as a digital, distributed ledger of transactions or records. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) allows new transactions to be added to an existing chain of transactions using a secure digital signature. Exchanges of ...

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