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Apr 2018 - IDC Survey - Doc # US43736818

Overview of Wearables in the Workplace in 2017

By: Ramon T. LlamasResearch Director, Mobile Devices and AR/VR

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This IDC Survey polled 500 respondents from small, medium-sized, and large companies on the deployment of wearables at their company. We asked:

  • At what stage is your company using wearables, such as fitness trackers or smartwatches, in the workplace?
  • What is the purpose of using wearables in your workplace?
  • Which business units are using wearable devices?
  • What type of wearable devices are in use at your organization?

"Wearables have long been the realm of consumers and only recently have they made their way into the enterprise," says Ramon T. Llamas, research director for IDC's Mobile Devices and AR/VR team. "The results of this survey show that wearables are trending in the right direction, with greater adoption and clearer purpose and use cases. At the same time, given the very short history of wearables, there is still much to be done in terms of developing both the hardware and the software to deliver the needed experiences so that workers can complete their jobs."


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