TECH SUPPLIER Oct 2019 - Market Perspective - Doc # AP44756719

Case Study: HKT Fixed Line Business

By: Bill RojasAdjunct Research Director, IDC Asia/Pacific, Hugh UjhazyVice President, IoT and Telecommunications

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: HKT Has Successfully Minimized Churn in Fixed Line Voice and Protected Its Residential Fixed Line Cash Flows

New Market Developments and Dynamics

Hong Kong Fixed Line Market Overview

Figure: Hong Kong Residential Voice Subscriber Growth, 2011–2018

Figure: Hong Kong Fixed Business Voice Subscriber Growth, 2011–2018

VoIP Regulatory Regime in Hong Kong

HKT Fixed Line Voice and Broadband Subscriber Growth

Figure: PCCW and HKT Current Organization and Structure

How Did HKT Stabilize the Fixed Voice Residential Business?

Figure: HKT Residential Voice Subscriber Growth, 2004-2018

Table: HKT Monthly Churn, 2017–2018

Table: HKT Consumer Voice Segmentation

Table: HKT Consumer IP Telephony Strategy

HKT Fixed Line Business Voice Services

Figure: HKT Business Voice Subscriber Growth, 2004-2018

Table: HKT Business Voice Service Segmentation

HKT Netvigator Broadband and Now TV Services as a foundation for the Future

Figure: HKT Broadband Subscriber Growth, 2004–2018

Figure: HKT Now TV Subscriber Growth and ARPU, 2009–2016

Figure: HKT Fixed Broadband Data Usage Growth, 2011–2016

HKT's Enterprise Services Strategy

Figure: HKT's Enterprise Strategy

HKT's Network Evolution, 2012–2018

Figure: HKT's Broadband Network, Circa 2012

Figure: HKT's Next-Generation Network That Enables eye3 Services

Figure: HKT Envisions a Key Role for 5G in Smart City

Next Steps for Eye3 Services

Figure: eye X is becoming an IoT Gateway

Figure: HKT's Smart Living Vision

Advice for the Services Provider

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