TECH BUYER May 2019 - IDC Perspective - Doc # AP45033019

The Roadmap to Future of Work: It Needs to Be Human-First and Experience-Centric

By: Deepan PathyResearch Manager, Avinav Trigunait

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: The Roadmap to Future of Work

Situation Overview

Figure: Effects of Digital Disruption

Defining Future of Work

Demystifying the Key Building Blocks of Future of Work

Future of WorkSpace

Mobility as a Foundational Enabler

Figure: Mobility as a Foundational Enabler for Future of Work

Cloud Technologies Have Crossed the Chasm, but Hybrid and Multicloud Environments Will Co-Exist

AR/VR and Cognitive Technologies Crossroad Will Shape Up Interactive Workspaces

Modern Office Designs and Facilities that Spur Collaboration and Employee Well-Being

As-a-Service Models and Unified Management

IoT for Smart Workspaces and Embedded Intelligence

Future of Workforce

Preparing for Human-Machine Collaboration

Figure: Technology Augmenting Human Capabilities

The Rise of Chatbots, IVAs and Voice Technologies for Naturally Interactive Computing

Multigenerational Workforce and the Impact of Millennials

Figure: New Workspace Practices and Demands Arising Out of Changing Demographics

Growing Contingent Workforce

Reskilling Human Workforce to Address New Job Requirements

Future of Workculture

Key Barriers for Organizations Embarking on Their FoW Journey

Case Examples of Organizations Putting FoW Strategy in Action


Figure: Netflix Revenue Growth

Change — The Only Thing Constant for Netflix

Challenging Status Quo

FoW Strategy


Figure: Airbnb Revenue Growth

Unsettling an Established but Stagnant Market

Leveraged Analytics for Delivering Enhanced Travel Experience

FoW Strategy

Ping An Insurance

Figure: Ping An Revenue Growth

Organic or Home-Grown Digital Tech

Innovation-Based Mindset, Moving beyond the Existing Business Ecosystem

FoW Strategy

Global Digital Startups — Market Cap Comparison

Advice for the Technology Buyer

Figure: Future of Work Journey

Step 1: Analyzing Your Company's or Sector's Future and Crafting a Vision

Step 2: Strategy – Feasibility Analysis

Step 3: Exploring Competitive Differentiation

Step 4: Developing a Roadmap for FoW

Step 5: Implementation Strategy


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