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Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: European AI Systems — Market Roundup, 4Q19

In This Market Note

Market Moves

Visions of the Autonomous Factory Take a Knock as adidas Closes U.S., Germany Speedfactories

Bosch Promises to Push AI into Every Product

Five Dutch Companies Join Forces to Boost AI in the Netherlands

U.K. AI Companies Secure Record Levels of Funding in 2019

Government Moves

European Commission Publishes Potential AI Regulation Strategies; Media Falsely Reports Potential Strategic Ban on Facial Recognition

ELLIS Launches $220M Fund to Make AI Research Competitive

European Patent Office Rules AI can't be an "Inventor"

Finland Launches Online Course to Teach Europe's Citizens About AI

U.K. Defense and Security Accelerator Announces AI Fund for Warships

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