TECH SUPPLIER Jun 2020 - Market Perspective - Doc # EUR146396420

Discounting, Donating, and Adapting: Initial Responses to COVID-19 from European Telcos

By: James EibischResearch Director, EMEA Telecoms and Networking, Martina KurthAssociate Vice President

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Discounting, Donating, and Adapting — Initial Responses to COVID-19 from European Telcos

New Market Developments and Dynamics


Figure: Telcos' Initial Responses to COVID-19 in Europe

Figure: European Telcos' Initial Responses to COVID-19

Figure: Market Segments Targeted by Telcos' COVID-19 Responses

Types of Responses


Figure: Discounting — Examples of Telcos Offering Customers Free and Discounted Services


Figure: Donating: Examples of Telcos Donating Resources, Connectivity, and Data


Figure: Adapting: Examples of Telcos Adapting Processes and Operations

Telcos' Responses by Category and Market Segment

Figure: Telcos' Responses by Type of Activity

Figure: Telcos' Responses by Market Segment

Figure: Activities by Market Segment

COVID-19 Impact on Q1 Results

Advice for the Technology Supplier

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