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IDC's Worldwide Massively Parallel Computing Taxonomy

Figure: Massively Parallel Computing Primary Segments

Massively Parallel Computing Taxonomy Changes for 2019

Taxonomy Overview


Massively Parallel Computing


Discrete Servers (Computing Platforms)

Accelerated Servers

External Storage Systems

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Connectivity (Fabrics)


Physical and Virtual Computing

Operating Systems and Subsystems

Software-Defined Compute


Software-Defined Storage Controller Software

Parallel File Systems

MPC-Enabling Software


Private Cloud Infrastructure

Public Cloud Infrastructure

Traditional IT Infrastructure

Computational Models

Figure: MPC Computational Model Hierarchy

Intra-Processor (Level 1)

Intra-Compute Node (Level 2)

Intra-Cluster (Level 3)

Intra-Locality (Level 4)

Figure: Russian Doll Effect

Use Cases and Workloads

Parallelized Primary Workloads

Figure: MPC Computational Models Applied to Use Cases

Modeling and Simulation

Big Data and Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Advice for the Technology Supplier

A Way of Thinking

Package MPC Software Stacks

Low-Latency Interconnect and Network Support

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