TECH BUYER Dec 2019 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US45721419

Quantum Computing in Banking: Part 2 — The Algorithms and Use Cases

By: Jerry SilvaProgram Vice President

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: The State of Quantum in Banking

Situation Overview

What Does Quantum Mean for Banks Today?

The Algorithms

Gate-Based Quantum Computing: Shor's Algorithm and Cryptography

Figure: Breaking Cryptography with Shor's Algorithm

Gate-Based Quantum Computing: Grover's Algorithm and Data Searches

Quantum Annealing: Combinatorial Optimization

The Simulators

Microsoft Quantum Network

Atos Quantum Learning Machine

Fujitsu Digital Annealer

Deployment Models

The Banking Use Cases

Figure: Quantum Banking Use Cases

Advice for the Technology Buyer

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