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Europe, Middle East and Africa Semiannual Hardcopy Peripherals Consumables Tracker

With printers and MFPs serving as the first step in generating long-term customer revenue streams, hardcopy peripherals and consumables manufacturers need detailed information about the consumables market. IDC provides the market intelligence vendors need to stay competitive. IDC's Europe, Middle East and Africa Semiannual Hardcopy Peripherals Consumables Tracker® delivers data and insight that help vendors identify growth opportunities, position products and brands, arm themselves against market threats, and anticipate long-term changes in the market.

Technology Coverage

This tracker provides total market size and vendor shares for the following technology areas. Data for this tracker is in shipments and value.

Core Coverage

  • Ink, toner
  • Color: mono, color
  • Product origin: original, compatible, refilling services, counterfeits
  • Consumption, export
  • Official, unofficial
  • Model name (for the original product origin)
  • Multipack, cartridge yield.

Geographic Scope

  • Central and Eastern Europe (6): Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine
  • Middle East and Africa (5): Israel, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa
  • Western Europe (6): Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands

Data Deliverables

This Tracker is delivered on a semiannual basis via a web-based interface for online querying and downloads. Deliverables for this tracker are listed below. For a complete delivery schedule please contact an IDC sales representative.

  • Preliminary
  • Historical data
  • Forecast data

Forecast Coverage

Forecasts for this tracker are updated semiannually and include three years of historical data and an additional five years of annual market projections. Forecasts are available at country level. An example of the forecasts included in this tracker is as follows:

Core Forecast Coverage

  • Units, hardcopy installed base